If you serve a mission faithfully and well, you will be a better husband, you will be a better father, you will be a better student, a better worker in your chosen vocation. Love is of the essence of this missionary work. Selflessness is of its very nature. Self-discipline is its requirement. Prayer opens its reservoir of power. ~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Monday, June 22, 2009

Woohoo! finally a week where I'm alright and in great shape! i took pills and feel as good as ever, so don't worry about me! I think its because the people here know we don't drink the tap water so all they do is give us soda. I'm cutting back, i have had like 2 in 2 weeks.

Everything here in the mission is wonderful! except President goes home on the first, and Elder Murray, the cool older elder couple guy who loves golf! but it will be different to have President Lee here, things will change, i don't like that, one year with my first, and my last year with another! but oh well.

So I'm almost positive I'm going up next transfer, since every leader and there mom is going home this transfer and there is no one who will be leaders. OK my comps group has like 30 people in it, 4 were APs, there is like 12 ZLs, and many district leaders! and if its not next transfer its the one after, and ill probably get a kid, aka there is 20 Americans coming in to Santiago, including Brody Bearman., so it will be cool! kind of scary though. (I'm still trying to figure out this missionary talk, kid is new missionary, right???)

We have taught allot of cool people this week! our investigators continue to progress and i love teaching them! Elder Spragg and i are teaching very hard getting lost in the work. tonight we have a activity in the church, unless it rains cause no one goes in the rain. Its so dumb, they have this superstition if they get wet by rain they will get sick, but they play in the water every day, its weird!

My comp went to visit an old area with his old comp, Elder Baker ha ha ha he is so funny. We met up in Santiago, Monday, and ate McDonald's lunch after zone meeting. Then i went back to Esperanza with Elder Beckstead, hes from Utah, and was senior comp, ha ha felt weird. We got back late like at 6 but we still taught 4 good lessons! ten we went back to Santiago Tuesday morning to eat Micky Ds breakfast! so good, then we went back to Esperanza.

Well sounds like all is well in Arizona, I'm glad your feeling better Dad! stay healthy, so i broke the record for most trips to the hospital huh... wow sweet! ya it makes it really hard to focus on the mission when your always sick and kill your first three comps! but i can handle it. Sorry mom your sad that Jakelle ended dance ha ha, wait (warning non missionary word) CRAP! so am i, no more Disneyland. dang it!

Well Elder Murray, the couple missionary, is going to call me every day starting Thursday to give me updates on my favorite event ever! ha ha figure it out yet.... go Tiger! (US Open)
Well OK i have to go, i love you all!
Elder Westergard

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Poor Jesse, he has had some trials with his health, this Mom wishes she could comfort him right now. I love his attitude, and am so very proud of him!!

I cant believe that its already been 6 weeks since i got here! time is going out the window! its a sad day, all my really good friends are going home today! and next transfer! i wont know like anyone after this transfer! well my really good friend that was in the plat when i was born came down to our district, elder Powell!! he is so awesome, and were really good friends. so were all Americans in Esperanza!
Well now for some bad news! another thing to add to my list mom and dad! well i thought i had a kidney stone again, so i went into Santiago yesterday and after 7 hours of tests and waiting, I have a kidney infection. I'm on antibiotics and have to go back to Santiago next week! the pain is so great! the other day i dropped to the floor of our house and started crying but it feels alright right now, we will see. It was the first time going through a bunch of doctor stuff without you mom, kind of sad!
Well good news!! there was a baptism Saturday! a really cool kid named Sammy! it was way spiritual! not allot has really happened this week, just allot of guys coming up to us trying to bash with us, they lose every time!
President Thomas goes home in three weeks! its really sad! everyone is going to miss him. He was such a great guy! and President Lee is going to make some huge changes, we will see how it goes!
Well how was Florida and everything? sounds like a fun place! i have only been there once, to switch flights to here, and it was super humid! i don't like it. but i guess I'm used to the humidity by now! so mom you got bit by a spider to huh... that stinks! ya i don't know what type of spider bit me!
Well family i don't know what to say, so i guess ill end! this is the true church and Jesus Christ is at the head of it! he lives and Thomas s. Monson is his prophet! I love you so much.
Love Elder Westergard

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Spider Bite on Lip

So i pretty much have to add another thing on to the list of things that has happened to me! I woke up yesterday and my lip was HUGE!!!!!! not the whole thing, but the right side of the bottom lip! i called Sister Thomas and then the doctor of the mission. and yes! during the night i got bit by a spider!!!!!! my lip was so numb and i talked like rocky! i put cream on it and its fine now so don't worry!

So yeah who knows how many more things will happen in a year and 2 months but we will see. Not allot of things have gone on this week, President gave his last zone conference, it was so amazing! from 9 in the morning till 3, long but great. Today we played basketball in an inside court and it was super fun and now were just emailing.
Can you believe that transfers are next week! i just got here, we will know on Monday! time flies. I'm pretty sure ill stay and kill my comp! I'm famous in the mission now, I'm known as the Elder who fell off a roof and will kill 3 comps in a row! i don't even know someone and they are like, oh hey Elder Westergard! i heard lots about you. ha ha i don't know.

Well it does not matter if you tell me about what your doing at Disneyland in Florida rigth now cause i know your there and yes mom, i miss churros so much! eat like 10 for me every day, cause you know that's how much i usually eat in a day ha ha.
Can you believe i have been in the mission for 12 different months already! insane! 1 year next month.. its crazy, its like I'm glad time is going fast, but i don't really want to leave! you understand.....
So i heard CJ just left and Micheal Flemming leaves like in 2 weeks, that's just about all of us gone! i love the fact that were all away from our family's for a good reason! serving the Lord!

Well family i cant really think about anything else to say, so I'm going to end. i love this gospel! i love my Savior Jesus Christ! i love serving him and teaching this gospel! this is the true church and i testify of it every day. I have seen miracles and cant deny my faith! in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.
love Elder Westergard

oh by the way, they say the swine is here in Santiago. but don't get worried, president T. has not said anything yet. LOVE YOU

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