If you serve a mission faithfully and well, you will be a better husband, you will be a better father, you will be a better student, a better worker in your chosen vocation. Love is of the essence of this missionary work. Selflessness is of its very nature. Self-discipline is its requirement. Prayer opens its reservoir of power. ~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hello everyone! this last week was a super one! i got to talk to you guys and i had my 3rd baptism this transfer! it was Yulissa, the girl i taught in Esperanza, it was such an amazing experience. I'm really glad she is a member now in the true church! well it was super great to talk to all of you and here JJ bark, i miss him so much! you all sound wonderful, well now Josh is sick, but other than that sounds like all is super!

This week was good, after we talked we had another dinner appointment and ate some good food! then we had the baptism and on Saturday we have one more baptism, last one before the transfers. So ya transfers are already Wednesday, its been 5 weeks since i got here to Dajabon! that's super nuts, I cant believe its over. Well my companion for sure is finally going up after 1 year and 6 months in the mission, that's why I'm with him, to help him get better, so i know for sure that he wont be my comp. I think i might get a kid, calls are on Friday. So we will see, if not i will know on Monday when President sends out transfer info!

Today i hit 1 year and 5!! is that nuts or what, I'm almost a full time sister missionary haha. Today the zone went to the beach again and had a crazy adventure! haha and we hung out with Brother Clonts, he finished 4 months ago and came back and married a girl last week, so he was still here. I knew him when he was in the mission. I got to spend the day with Elder Shawhan in my group, so we both celebrated the special month completion day! today I'm going to play basketball with the Elders here at the church and with all the members and kids off the street that go, so it will be super fun!

Well i don't know what else to say since we just talked! but i love you so much and you will know what happened with transfers next week ok! love you all.

Elder Jesse Westergard

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Look at Dem Muscles

Pointing to Haiti.


BAM!!! be atop the mountain...thats all for them Mesa High fans.

Elders in my group that go home with me - two are AP's haha

Baptism of Jose.

Chilling drinking Kola Real.

Before painting the House.

It Is What It Is!!

After painting the house.

M for Mormon

Goofing around at the party.

Dajabon for Christmas Dinner.

Funny Member

Hey everyone! wow i cant believe that it is almost Christmas! tomorrow is Christmas Eve and i will be missing my last Christmas Eve dinner at Aunt Carrie's house and playing pool with my brothers. but i will be there next time. and i really want some of those home made goodies right about now haha! well here Christmas Eve is bigger than Christmas, i have no idea why, but we got plans to go over to that girl i taught in Esperanza house to eat dinner, shes getting baptized Saturday!!!!! but ya dinners here on the 24th are super huge, its like there thanks giving and Christmas put together. so it should be good.

I dont have alot to say cause we will be taking on Friday. but I'm doing super good here, losing myself in the work!! i love teaching the gospel and i love being a missionary! I'm excited to open my packages on Friday morning, even though you guys wont be there and dad wont be filming. I hope i don't cry like last year!! but once the holiday season is over, time here will go by so much faster.
Well OK there is a breakfast for Lexi and Jared, so it will be done around 9??? ill email Jared real quick to ask him, then ill send another email to you guys letting you know. Ill probably call around 8 your time or so.....if that's alright!
Well i love you guys so much, the gospel is true and i love every part of it! it changes lives and i know it has changed mine!!

love Elder Westergard. talk to you on Friday. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ps. i think this year i was suppose to be santa clause, so looks like i didn't have to do it for another 3 years hahahaha jk!

Howdy everyone! well this week was a pretty fun and amazing week! we started of on Saturday driving 2 hours out to villa Vasquez with the zone to help two missionaries paint a house for some new members. one of the missionaries is in my group, Elder Shawhan, so it was fun to spend time with him and be in his zone. we left at about 6 in the morning and got home at 4 in the afternoon. it took along time but it was well worth it and we all had so much fun! ill put up some pics if i have time. when we got back me and Elder Leonardo went to fill up the baptismal font on we also had a baptism here just like you guys did with Camille, it was a kid of 12 years and his name is Jose, he is really cool and is so pumped to grow up and serve a mission. also he wants to do baptisms for the dead for his dad who died. so it will be awesome to keep teaching him the new lessons.

Monday we had our zone meeting with the assistants, and Elder Marte, from mi group came to give it. he did really good. He talked about how an escalator, those electric stairs in the mall well the ones that go down, are like the gospel of Jesus Christ. we can run up it and get to the top, but it takes work! or we can not try at all and not study and we will slowly decline and our testimonies will weaken. So we always need to study the gospel and go forward, then i went to Montecristi for an intercambio and it was really good! i was with a new missionary who just got here from Virginia, and he does not know lots of Spanish, so i did most of the talking. but i learned alot from him he is really humble.

Yesterday we went to get the mail and my packages came! so I'm really excited about Christmas coming and also to talk to you guys. I need you to tell me your plans for Christmas and what time you will be up so i can tell you next week when i will be calling OK?? thanks, i better be talking to the family, Jakelle i don't want none of this 10 feet away from the phone thing ok?? haha jk. maybe you can get JJ to bark for me. haha, i miss him. So how is life?? all very cold? i called it that Mesa was going to get spanked! Hamilton has won how many times in the last 5 years?? ok so ya i heard something about this kid on Mesas basketball team! whats going on?? that's so tight! that would be cool if they go undefeated and state champs!

So I'm really bummed that i missed Clayton's and Camille's baptism. but hey its because of my example they are members right, so i did something and Clayton wants me to enter the temple with him for the first time when i get home, so that will be really cool! ya i miss Mrs. Eslers cooking of Mexican food. were totally going over when i get home, like the day after i get home for some green sauce chicken enchiladas and rice! yummmmmmy(think of Jim Carey in ace ventura saying that).

Well i love you guys so much! have a great week and think about when you want me to call next week. love you all! oh and i have a zone conference Friday and its Christmas themed. woo hoo!

love Elder Westergard

Thursday, December 10, 2009

OK so the other day my alarm went off at 6:30 and the zone leaders came and knocked on the door for morning devotional. We all went out, did the devotional and then i went back to the room. my comp turned out the light and laid down. I got kind of mad because i was studying, so i turned it back on, he told me to lay down, you don't need to study, then he went out of the room. the zone leaders came in and asked me why i was studying.......i was like...is it a sin now to study.They laughed and told me it was all a joke and it was 3 in the morning!!!!! they changed the phone alarm and my desk clock! i guess its funny but whatever.

This week went by really fast! not allot going on, we have a baptism on Saturday, and 3 more this transfer. speaking of baptisms...i cant believe Camille is getting baptized! it honestly makes me so happy and to know my example is blessing a family that i love! sounds like everything is nice and cold down there! i wish it was colder here ha ha. but ya everyone here is ready for Christmas! including me. Once the holiday season is over, time will go by so much faster.
wow Mesa High in the championship!! well that stinks, they will get smashed by Hamilton! today me and my comp went to the frontera of Haiti! we took pics at the river and there was a ton of guards. then all these Haitians were yelling at us from there country ha ha it was cool. so many Haitian people were washing clothes in the river which is filthy!

Well i don't know what else to write! it was kind of a boring week. i love you guys so much and will talk to you next week! sorry for a short letter.
love Elder Westergard

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