If you serve a mission faithfully and well, you will be a better husband, you will be a better father, you will be a better student, a better worker in your chosen vocation. Love is of the essence of this missionary work. Selflessness is of its very nature. Self-discipline is its requirement. Prayer opens its reservoir of power. ~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hello everyone! this last week was a super one! i got to talk to you guys and i had my 3rd baptism this transfer! it was Yulissa, the girl i taught in Esperanza, it was such an amazing experience. I'm really glad she is a member now in the true church! well it was super great to talk to all of you and here JJ bark, i miss him so much! you all sound wonderful, well now Josh is sick, but other than that sounds like all is super!

This week was good, after we talked we had another dinner appointment and ate some good food! then we had the baptism and on Saturday we have one more baptism, last one before the transfers. So ya transfers are already Wednesday, its been 5 weeks since i got here to Dajabon! that's super nuts, I cant believe its over. Well my companion for sure is finally going up after 1 year and 6 months in the mission, that's why I'm with him, to help him get better, so i know for sure that he wont be my comp. I think i might get a kid, calls are on Friday. So we will see, if not i will know on Monday when President sends out transfer info!

Today i hit 1 year and 5!! is that nuts or what, I'm almost a full time sister missionary haha. Today the zone went to the beach again and had a crazy adventure! haha and we hung out with Brother Clonts, he finished 4 months ago and came back and married a girl last week, so he was still here. I knew him when he was in the mission. I got to spend the day with Elder Shawhan in my group, so we both celebrated the special month completion day! today I'm going to play basketball with the Elders here at the church and with all the members and kids off the street that go, so it will be super fun!

Well i don't know what else to say since we just talked! but i love you so much and you will know what happened with transfers next week ok! love you all.

Elder Jesse Westergard

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Look at Dem Muscles

Pointing to Haiti.


BAM!!! be atop the mountain...thats all for them Mesa High fans.

Elders in my group that go home with me - two are AP's haha

Baptism of Jose.

Chilling drinking Kola Real.

Before painting the House.

It Is What It Is!!

After painting the house.

M for Mormon

Goofing around at the party.

Dajabon for Christmas Dinner.

Funny Member

Hey everyone! wow i cant believe that it is almost Christmas! tomorrow is Christmas Eve and i will be missing my last Christmas Eve dinner at Aunt Carrie's house and playing pool with my brothers. but i will be there next time. and i really want some of those home made goodies right about now haha! well here Christmas Eve is bigger than Christmas, i have no idea why, but we got plans to go over to that girl i taught in Esperanza house to eat dinner, shes getting baptized Saturday!!!!! but ya dinners here on the 24th are super huge, its like there thanks giving and Christmas put together. so it should be good.

I dont have alot to say cause we will be taking on Friday. but I'm doing super good here, losing myself in the work!! i love teaching the gospel and i love being a missionary! I'm excited to open my packages on Friday morning, even though you guys wont be there and dad wont be filming. I hope i don't cry like last year!! but once the holiday season is over, time here will go by so much faster.
Well OK there is a breakfast for Lexi and Jared, so it will be done around 9??? ill email Jared real quick to ask him, then ill send another email to you guys letting you know. Ill probably call around 8 your time or so.....if that's alright!
Well i love you guys so much, the gospel is true and i love every part of it! it changes lives and i know it has changed mine!!

love Elder Westergard. talk to you on Friday. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ps. i think this year i was suppose to be santa clause, so looks like i didn't have to do it for another 3 years hahahaha jk!

Howdy everyone! well this week was a pretty fun and amazing week! we started of on Saturday driving 2 hours out to villa Vasquez with the zone to help two missionaries paint a house for some new members. one of the missionaries is in my group, Elder Shawhan, so it was fun to spend time with him and be in his zone. we left at about 6 in the morning and got home at 4 in the afternoon. it took along time but it was well worth it and we all had so much fun! ill put up some pics if i have time. when we got back me and Elder Leonardo went to fill up the baptismal font on we also had a baptism here just like you guys did with Camille, it was a kid of 12 years and his name is Jose, he is really cool and is so pumped to grow up and serve a mission. also he wants to do baptisms for the dead for his dad who died. so it will be awesome to keep teaching him the new lessons.

Monday we had our zone meeting with the assistants, and Elder Marte, from mi group came to give it. he did really good. He talked about how an escalator, those electric stairs in the mall well the ones that go down, are like the gospel of Jesus Christ. we can run up it and get to the top, but it takes work! or we can not try at all and not study and we will slowly decline and our testimonies will weaken. So we always need to study the gospel and go forward, then i went to Montecristi for an intercambio and it was really good! i was with a new missionary who just got here from Virginia, and he does not know lots of Spanish, so i did most of the talking. but i learned alot from him he is really humble.

Yesterday we went to get the mail and my packages came! so I'm really excited about Christmas coming and also to talk to you guys. I need you to tell me your plans for Christmas and what time you will be up so i can tell you next week when i will be calling OK?? thanks, i better be talking to the family, Jakelle i don't want none of this 10 feet away from the phone thing ok?? haha jk. maybe you can get JJ to bark for me. haha, i miss him. So how is life?? all very cold? i called it that Mesa was going to get spanked! Hamilton has won how many times in the last 5 years?? ok so ya i heard something about this kid on Mesas basketball team! whats going on?? that's so tight! that would be cool if they go undefeated and state champs!

So I'm really bummed that i missed Clayton's and Camille's baptism. but hey its because of my example they are members right, so i did something and Clayton wants me to enter the temple with him for the first time when i get home, so that will be really cool! ya i miss Mrs. Eslers cooking of Mexican food. were totally going over when i get home, like the day after i get home for some green sauce chicken enchiladas and rice! yummmmmmy(think of Jim Carey in ace ventura saying that).

Well i love you guys so much! have a great week and think about when you want me to call next week. love you all! oh and i have a zone conference Friday and its Christmas themed. woo hoo!

love Elder Westergard

Thursday, December 10, 2009

OK so the other day my alarm went off at 6:30 and the zone leaders came and knocked on the door for morning devotional. We all went out, did the devotional and then i went back to the room. my comp turned out the light and laid down. I got kind of mad because i was studying, so i turned it back on, he told me to lay down, you don't need to study, then he went out of the room. the zone leaders came in and asked me why i was studying.......i was like...is it a sin now to study.They laughed and told me it was all a joke and it was 3 in the morning!!!!! they changed the phone alarm and my desk clock! i guess its funny but whatever.

This week went by really fast! not allot going on, we have a baptism on Saturday, and 3 more this transfer. speaking of baptisms...i cant believe Camille is getting baptized! it honestly makes me so happy and to know my example is blessing a family that i love! sounds like everything is nice and cold down there! i wish it was colder here ha ha. but ya everyone here is ready for Christmas! including me. Once the holiday season is over, time will go by so much faster.
wow Mesa High in the championship!! well that stinks, they will get smashed by Hamilton! today me and my comp went to the frontera of Haiti! we took pics at the river and there was a ton of guards. then all these Haitians were yelling at us from there country ha ha it was cool. so many Haitian people were washing clothes in the river which is filthy!

Well i don't know what else to write! it was kind of a boring week. i love you guys so much and will talk to you next week! sorry for a short letter.
love Elder Westergard

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ok so I'm super sorry about not writing you yesterday! as you could probably tell by no letter, i got transferred!! but it was not what everyone expected, i got sent to the complete other side of the island to satins furnace in DAJABON! right on the Haitian border. But right now its December so its not that hot, but there are tons of mosquitoes. More than Esperanza. haha its the area no missionary wants to go, but i think its actually kind of cool. There is like nothing here but things are so cheap. I can buy shoes for 3 dollars, and ties are really nice for 15 pesos. My companion is Elder Leonardo, he is really cool and goes home 6 weeks before i do! We live with the zone leaders so i love how its a 4 man house. The zone leaders are also Dominican so its me alone with 3 Dominicans, but i know all 3 and they are super cool and i know Spanish, so its all good!

So ya i started traveling at 7 in the morning and got to Dajabon at 7 at night, it was a long day! We had an activity at the church and we played basketball. so it was a good day!

Well i woke up this morning and totally forgot it was thanksgiving until i was writing in my journal and wrote the date, and was like, no!!!!!!!!! Why did i remember haha. it sounds like you guys will have a great time eating turkey and pies and all that good stuff. I told the Elders in my house today was a very special day so they are going to buy me pizza and turkey haha! so ill try to make it a good thanksgiving until next year with you guys!

We had our baptism on Saturday and it was really good! i think that is like number 15 or so. We have alot of cool people here with dates so ill try to work super hard, this zone is the most baptizing zone in the mission, so pray for me! ill give you more details on my area next week.

Well i don’t got much to write this week, but i want to tell you guys what I'm thankful for, i don’t know if you are all together right now eating or not, but here it goes...... I'm so grateful for the chance i have been given to be here in the Dominican Republic serving my Lord Jesus Christ and bringing souls to him. I love this Gospel and would give my life for it! I'm so grateful for the Book of Mormon, it has changed my life! and thankful for two loving parents who have raised me in the gospel my whole life and have constantly taught me lessons of life. I love you Mom and Dad, and i love my brothers Jared and Josh. You guys are such great examples for me, especially the example you guys made going on missions. Thanks for everything, your my best friends and especially my little sister Jakelle. ill never forget the times we have always shared and the time i would take you and pick you up from dance and show you all my favorite songs! Thanks for being a great sister. I'm thankful for all my other family and there support. i love you all and hope you have a great day! We will talk in 4 weeks so I'm excited! I love you, bye!

Elder Jesse Westergard

Well mom i will correct you on what you said about my wrist and the boys beeting me, you and i both know that that is impossible right? me losing to the boys in golf? thats like saying michael jordan will lose to a 15 year old one on one! by the way, dad, Phil Mickelson will never receive 3 million dollars just to show up to a golf tournament, i think you just need to face the facts now, Tiger is the best! wow Josh that stinks so bad that your knee is all messed up! que vas a hacer por 6 meses? jaja tu vas a ver mucho juegos de balancesto y tiger woods verdad? oh y tienes que beber mucho dr. pepper y recordar que tu hermano en la republica dominicana tiene que beber coca cola....hmmmmm. no hay aqui, pero en puerto plata si hay Dr. Pepper y mt. dew! bueno buenas suerte y estas en mis oraciones. te quiero! sorry mom and dad and jakelle and lexi, you guys dont know spanish, ask Jared or Josh what that meant, but i cant believe the Suns are in 1st place! thats insane, im jealous you guys get to see them good this year.

Here everything is going good! this is my last pday in this area and i will know where im going on Monday, about everyone in the zone is like 98 percent convinced ill be the next zone leader, plus president told me in my interview i was going up next transfer and the zone leader right now is going home next week. soooooo ill let you know on Wednesday ok?? so dad your teaching an inactive and there having trouble with tithing....well something i like to do is teach by examples. like ill say, ok you have 100 pesos(think of dollars for your situation) and tithing is 10%, so you should pay 10 dollars. sure 10 dollars is alot but look at how much you got left, 90!! so if they look at it that way it could be alot easier. like someone who has 1million pays 100,000 but still has 900,000. so really it helps with me and the people here. and then you just tell them experiences you have had or heard of. so i dont know you can try and talk about that.

We have a baptism on Saturday and im super stoked for that, baptism on my last week here. so that will be fun. Well the big news of the week is that Elder Russel M. Ballard was here in the Dominican Republic to have a fireside with all the Caribbean, so we got together as a steak and all the missionaries here and watched this fireside. there was talks from the area presidency in spanish and last Elder Ballard talked! but i was so glad he did it in english! he said it first and then someone said it in spanish after! i will tell you right now that i have never heard a more powerful talk in my whole life! he talked about how we have the rights to know what we should know through revelation. it was amazing! he shared about 7 stories of pure revelation that would make the hairs on your back stand up! i want to share one of them with you....

Elder Ballard was going down to Chile to sperate a steak into 2 steaks. so he got there and met with the Stake President and said, ok President where are all the other people i am to interview?? the President only brought 3 people with him he thought could be the new President. and Elder Ballard said you didnt get my letter?? i wanted all of the Bishops here, counselors, high councel, of all the steaks. you call them now and tell them to get here so i can interview them! by the time they all got there it was late so they didnt do all the interviews, all but 2! so they had to do them the next morning before church where they were going to anounce the president, but Elder Ballard had not recieved a answer yet. so in the morning one hour and a half before church started, the first of the two came in and they shook hands. Elder Ballard instantly said, do i know you?? the man said we shook hands last year at general conference. Elder Ballard thought, i shook thousands of hands last year, but he sticks out to me?? Elder Ballard went on to call him as President and then told him im really sorry but now you have to think of your bishops and counselors and high priests in an hour and a half, the man looked at him and pulled out a peice of paper, he said Elder Ballard last night i received witness that i would be called as president and i knew the people that would be called as leaders to, these are all the names! WOW!!!! so can you believe that story or what?? talk about revelation, i cant tell you how much my testimony grew because of that story. After Elder Ballard said jokingly, father why didnt you just let me know you had something in mind so i didnt have to worry about all that haha.

Well thats about it from here, i cant believe that thanks giving is next Thursday, the day after transfers. it seems like last month i was in Puerto Plata with 3 months in the mission playing football on the beach with my trainer... that was a year ago! well time seems to go by faster as the more time i get here, its weird that in january ill complete a sister mission. haha. well i love you all so very much! your in my prayers and i hope im in yours, especially if im ZL and will be doing lots of work. bye! love elder westergard

Friday, November 13, 2009

Wow this week was going so great until mom made me feel dumb about miss spelling baPtism!! haha it was kind of funny though, but really it was good till this morning playing softball. There was a fly ball to me out in center field and i was sprinting to get it, and i stuck my hand out and the softball struck my wrist, the one i broke, and i dropped to the ground! it hurt really bad and now its just badly bruised. but we did win the game 15-14!! it was an intense game, missionaries verses a actual baseball team. Ill put up a photo we took at the end to.

But as i said this week was super amazing, especially in one lesson we were talking about the 3rd lesson, gospel of Jesus Christ, and i was testifying of babtism and the authority and that were the only church that has it, the spirit was so strong and me and my comp both instantly felt we should put dates with them, so i said, will you guys follow the example of Jesus Christ and be babtized in the true church with someone who has the authority of god?? and they said yes and how they want to preach like us also! that night was a super strong testimony builder for me, its times like those i remember why I'm here and get the biggest animo boost!

Our district meeting on Monday was also very good and i learned so much! i gave the spiritual thought and i shared some verses from Alma 5, its very strong but i love it. How we wont be able to lie to god at judgement day and how Alma asks if we are doing what we should be doing now and not later! then the capacitation by the district leader was about finding people through the members. Its something this country's members need to work on, they don't really like to give us references, but a stat my old president gave us was for every 80 or so contacts, there is 1 baPPPtism, better mom??. and for every 7 references there is 1 baptism. so references are really important. so ya it was super good.

It sounds like everything in Arizona is good except the heat. I'm sorry but not really because its hot here every day, all year, it does get cold at 3-7 in the morning. Wow the Suns are 7-1?? man that's super exciting, i cant wait to go to games again, being here in the DR i have grown to love baseball again since that horrible day i will never forget when i got hit then quit baseball haha. but dad don't get rid of the Diamondback tickets because if no one will use them i will use them all the time. that's good that no one has the flu in the family, stay safe. Josh good luck your in my prayers, i hope you feel better soon.

I cant believe Cameron Tryon is home already! that's super weird and Brandon is getting married?? Wow can you believe that you will be talking to me in 1.5 months?? and that means you only have one more phone call from me in May, which is my 21 birthday......um....ok never mind don't think about that its so close and i don't want to go home. I love the mission and it will be so weird being at home. Transfers are coming up in 2 weeks so we will see what happens with the whole Zone Leader thing, i actually hope i go up, so i can focus on the work these last 9 months. Well family i don't know what else to say, sounds like you are all good. be safe and i love you so much and have a wonderful Veterans Day!
I love you all. adios! Elder Westergard

Snake Snapped at Me.

Sweet Snake

Rainbow after the Storm.

Sandlot Gang!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hey everyone, how are you all doing? It sounds like everything is good! wow i cant believe that was my last Halloween in the mission, it was sad to think about but ill be home for the next one! I was really craving moms chili with some IBC root beer and black cherry, but i had something else that was really good. To start it off, we had those 2 kids get baptized, Wendy and Nichole on Saturday, then after we went to a steakhouse and got fillet mignon, and here it was only like 9 dollars! it was really good to, so we had a really good week. Saturday we have another baptism, another kid like the others. so were really excited about that.

Yesterday we went to Santiago for our zone conference with President Lee. It seems like 2 weeks ago i was just in a zone conference, that was 6 weeks ago. time is flying so fast i don't know what to do with it! next thing you know ill be home. The conference was good though, we talked about unity between companionship's, it was a super good conference.

We also had our interviews with the President and i learned something very interesting and scary. president told me i was only going to be with my comp for 1 transfer and to prepare myself for a big responsibility! I also know the zone leader here goes home in 3 weeks. I'm about 95 percent sure I'm the next zone leader, so we will see. I'm really nervous.
All in all this has been a really great week, I'm glad you were ready to defend the church. really the book i told you about, the day of defense is so good for that. Well i don't know what else to say besides happy NOVEMBER! oh and don't worry, Christmas stuff has been up here since October1st, ya i hate it!
well OK i will put pics up today. i love you so much!

Love Elder Westergard

Elder Nuñez, Frazier , Westergard. he went to highland

After Church picture

Steakhouse after baptisms

My 2 baptisms and Fraziers 1 baptism.

Wendy and Nicholas family

So comfortable at the steak activity

Matching pants!! Elder Beahrman

Mesa boys!!!!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wow congrats Lexi and Jared! all three of us celebrate something this week! birthdays and a 15 months mark! have a fun time and ill try too, skipping Halloween! I'm not excited but its my last one in the mission. I have like forgot all about Halloween cause Christmas is already being put up here, people have lights up and everything! so ya its weird and it does not feel even close to Christmas. It sounds like you guys have had a great week this week! especially Mom and Dad in New York, so mom I'm glad you liked it, i told you you would. I remember when i went, that was almost 5 years ago!! wow time flies by. I'm jealous dad that dessert you ate sounded so good sitting here, i was dying! sorry you couldn't dance dad, what a bummer, actually mom he was really happy he couldn't dance, i know i would, i hate dancing and me and dad are like the same, ha.
Well this week was an amazing week! to start off i learned that a girl in Esperanza i was teaching forever got baptized 2 weeks after i left! so i count that as my baptism haha cause i spent tons of time and put her date. So I'm pumped about that, we didn't have a baptism this week because the ward went to the temple, so it should be this week. by the way, did i tell you we cant go to the temple in December?? ya i have not been in a year and i have to wait 9 more months. not happy.
Me and my comp are working super hard! in 2 days, Monday and Tuesday, we taught 12 lessons! we have 4 baptismal dates and tons of investigators! time flies when your working and being obedient!
So whats big between all the missionaries is a book called the day of the defense! wow this book is insane, i have it in Spanish printed off the Internet, but its in English and mom i want you to send me the book for Christmas, there might be to volumes or one not sure, but its amazing! if a missionary studies this book and knows the scriptures in there, he can defend the church at all times. Its like a court trial, the judge is a Orthodox Rabi, the accusers are like 20 different churches main scholar people, and the defense....TWO MISSIONARIES! wow i cant believe the knowledge of these missionaries, they have answers for every single accusation there is, and at the end the judge asks the missionaries to go to teach his family! It proves that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint is the only true church with authority, the Book of Mormon is true, and Joseph Smith was a prophet! you guys should read it, its amazing. its helped me in my studies and gain a testimony so much!

Today we played basketball at 6 in the morning against the best club team in San Francisco! well they won the first 2 games and we were really disappointed, then we proved who the true church was and won 3 in a row! but serious i was like guarding Isaiah Thomas, and there was like a Tim Duncan, Ben Wallace, and Rajah Bell. I honestly don't think i have ever played that good in my whole life, it was awesome! my ball handling skills have become great dad, they triple teamed me like always and still couldn't get the ball haha. ( I'm glad he has so much confidence) so it was fun. Then we went to eat lunch and do some shopping, now were here!
Well i don't know what else to tell you guys, sorry. so i guess I will end! I love you guys so much, and hope you have a safe and fun Halloween. felicidades Lexi & Jared.

Love Elder Westergard!

Wow i cant believe its been a week already since i have been here! it has gone so fast! the good news is that i have a great comp and my animo is now back way up! we have 2 baptisms on Saturday, one next week, and one the week after! were trying to baptize every week this transfer and i think we can do it! Elder Doncel is a very funny guy! always talking about Mexico and how he is going to take me to Cancun when we are both home! haha its cool. He does not know very much English but he knows the simple phrases, like whats up man, whats your problem, and he always says, were going to party like its 1999. haha he is super funny. Being with him makes me feel like i am really good at Spanish, because he talks so clear, no mumbling like Dominicans and I'm learning so much! he tells me my Spanish is good, so ya! its all good!

On Thursday we had a lesson with a lady and we watched the Restoration video! it was super powerful and right after i bore my testimony we put a date with her! it was so awesome and the spirit was super strong! on Sunday we had 7 investigators at church! it was a good turnout. We taught about 33 lessons this week to! So me and Elder Doncel are working and on fire! I'm so bummed that I'm going home soon because it feels so close and i want to keep working, so i don't know.

Monday night and all day Tuesday and this morning we were not aloud to leave our houses because there was a huelga!! it was crazy, so Elder Frazier and Elder Nuñez come over that whole time because our house is safer, we live in a 3rd story apartment, so we like slept, ate and watched church movies all day! it was pretty relaxing and a good break. But this morning we finally left and went to play basketball with the zone. Elder Berhman and Elder Frazier were there(Arizona boys) and it was so fun! so like Elder Frazier and i have become very good friends, turns out he lived next to the Ashby's his first 10 years then moved to Higley and baseline but all the friends he has i know! its so weird so we have become close friends and plan to do lots of stuff after the mission.

Oh i forgot, during the huelga the people were like burning tires in the roads, throwing garbage everywhere, gunshots going off! it was crazy! smoke like filled the house!
Well i cant think of much more to say! i love you guys and mom and dad have fun in New York! oh and Jared, your birthday is my 15 month mark! love you!

Elder Westergard

Saturday, October 10, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAKELLE AND GRANDMA!! wow i hope yo guys had a great birthday, what did you get jakelle?? tell me how the Mexican food and cupcakes taste because i forgot! i would send you a present but it costs so much to send something there. so i will buy stuff at the end of my mission for everyone in the family and take them home OK??
Josh how was the reunion?? haha and the Applebee's. man I'm craving some boneless BBQ wings right about now, and potato skins, ha i know your thinking the same thing but hot wings, ya don't worry i still know what you like! going on any dates?? an Elder that finished with my last comp came back to visit for conference and he said he has not been on a date yet, haha its been 12 weeks! he was like ya man, i don't know why, i just don't ha!
That's super exciting mom your going to NEW YORK finally, remember how i went before all of you? OK sorry just wanted to throw that in, but its not a trip if you don't go to the Hill Cummorah! its amazing and the Sacred Grove, if you remember in my farewell talk that's where i for myself got my testimony, so let me know if you are going....

I can not even explain to tell you how amazing this week was! well the sad part first, i only have 1 more conference to watch in the mission, what???? ya only one more. I'm going to have to say this was the best conference i have ever watched in my life! i made a goal to take notes the whole time, i ended up with like 20 pages of notes, it was so amazing how in tune i was, i learned so much and heard so much that i needed to hear at that time. But mom you guessed it, the only thing us missionaries are talking about is Elder Hollands talk!!!!!!!! have you ever felt something more powerful, filled with love, conviction, testimony, confidence, and revelation in your life?? because i can tell you i have not. That talk brought me to tears, i could not believe the words he used, like when he said all the pathetic attempts to bring the Book of Mormon down, and its still standing! wow there is no doubt in my mind that it is the most correct book on this earth and then when he said i want you to put my testimony down right now as a witness that its true, wow!!! i also loved Elder Neil l Anderson's talk, i really needed to hear what he said, i felt like he was talking to me! especially at this time in my mission. I'm grateful for his words. I also love Richard G Scott about the evils and destructiveness of pornography, it was very strong and spiritual. ok sorry haha but i also loved Elder Bednar talking about the hypocrisy stuff...wow!! i could not believe that. and yes like you mom i loved the prophets talk about service, i think all missionaries need to hear more of that!

So all in all i loved conference, and mom if its possible, when the DVDs come out i would like you to send me them, if you could?? so then on Monday we had an intercombio and i went up to teach with Elder Robertson and do the DL stuff evaluating haha. but i want to share with you an experience i had...... we went in to a house with a man and a women seated, investigators, and the subject we were talking about with them was prophets. Robertson talked great about it, then it was me who testified. It popped into my mind that i should ask them if they knew of any church on this earth who had a prophet and 12 apostles...they said they didn't, so i got the impression to tell them that this last weekend we listened to prophets and apostles. and then i said with tears streaming down my cheeks, hermano y hermana, i testify to you that we have today a prophet called of god, his name is Thomas S. Monson and he has 12 apostles who assist him in leading this church, i testify that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only true church on the face of this earth and through prayer and study of the Book of Mormon you also can know! so ya i was strengthened so much spiritually by that event, and hope you guys were too!

I'm so grateful to be a missionary and serve the Lord. I know this is the true church, there is no doubt in my mind! I'm grateful that i can testify with the same power that the apostles have about the gospel. I know if we do the things god wants us to do and preach his gospel and endure to the end, we can inherit all that our father has prepared for us! in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. i love you guys so much.

Elder Jesse Westergard

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Enjoying my new shirt!

Snacking and cleaning my shoes.

Elder Castillo and Me

Nearer my God to Thee.

Case for the Missionaries here in the Navarrete Zone. (I think)

Early morning study.

Elder Castillo Praying


Hey everyone! its great to hear you all had great week! I know my week was super! but today we didn't do anything haha, no one was doing anything foe pday! how weird! but ya other than that it was really good! We had a zone meeting on Friday with the APs and it ws very spiritual. I learned alot especially about the Atonement!

On Monday I gave my capacitation at district meeting with the zone leaders on nuestro objectivo como misionero! it was really good and we all learned so much from it, then rigth after that I went on an intercambio with Elder Castillo, the ZL who was here last transfer with Elder Powell in my district. It was so much fun, we went to naverrete and a barrio called falpo and the group that starts all the huelgas in this country is called falpo. I asked him if there was a connection to that, he told me...ya some of them live around here haha, but he told me it was a tranquilo area. We taught some amazing lessons and the spirit was very strong, I love teaching with Elder Castillo, hes a great teacher and has taught me alot, here in my district and as ZL. His companion will get a kid next transfer so Castillo is really hoping President puts me up with him as ZL. haha that would be scary but I love that kid and were great friends.

Oh when we were leaving the house that day to teach, I walked to the door to kneel down and pray and he was like no, over here! I looked and he is kneeled on the table haha I was like your joking right?? he was like hey man were closer to the heavens. It was pretty funny. I couldn't believe it today when I thought I had 14 months.......what??? weird I just started loving my mission and there making me go home in 10 months....dang. Castillo brought it up Monday and we were in the street and the grey hound bus company caribe tours passed by and he held his 10 fingers to it and was like, home! haha then I said hey look, I saw a plane and put my 10 fingers in the sky and was like, home! haha we had a good laugh.

Then we had a family night with a family that was so awesome. Familia Ruud, I think thats how you spell it, they made their little boy of 8 years old dirigir the lesson and it was so funny haha. His name is Louisito, he spent the whole night trying to say my name. and all the family could come up with was wester..... haha. they had a new bible and I was looking through it and man its so awesome, we all get one at Zone Conference on Friday, so im super excited.
So spanish is coming great. I understand about everything, here and there are words ill look up, but its all good, yesterday I watched the Joseph Smith prophet of the restoration in spanish and understood it like English, so it really feels good to know the language. I don't even read preach my gospel anymore in English, I actually dont remember the last time I did.

My good buddy Elder Friend in San Francisco called the other night and told me about how in 2 transfers my group will be the largest in the mission. I freaked and told him to not tell me that haha its just to weird. Can you believe one year ago tomorrow I was put in Puerto Plata with my dad? thats 1 year ago and look at me, im only in my second area with my 4th comp. ha ya I think I might only get about 4 areas in 10 more months.

Im glad that Chelsie and Dougs baby is great and got blessed and Beyleigh is the center of attention there huh?? haha ya we have alot in common, many times the missionaries just all end up watching me and the unusual dumb without commen sense things I do, you guys know what im talking about, and laugh there heads off. I dont know why though haha.

So dad...its that time...have you thought about what im going to say yet...are you nervous... haha ok TIGER WON!!! even when Phil wins he loses how does that work? Man he should just give up, Tiger doesn't need to win everyone already knows hes the best so they gave him the trophy anyways. Sorry but I had to brag. I cant believe ASU lost to Georgia again. ahhh they were so close. oh well next year. I hope I get invited by President Killian even though Matthew won't be there.

Wow this is a long letter, sorry everyone, but i cant think of anything else to say. oh!! the question...ok mom. :the most fun i have ever had on a pday" was when I went to play dorada with Elder Robertson and played golf, ate at Pizza Hut, then sat at the beach. It was a great day! ok i love you all. till next week aka Jakelle and Grandmas birthday!

Love Elder Westergard.
ps.... the church is true!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Hey everyone! Como Esta Odo? creo que todo esta bien jaja! well this last week was just a normal week for us. tracking down less actives and getting upset when they say they will go to church but they don't, we have to keep working and pray for them that they will come back to the right path!
I had lots of good reading sessions this past week in study and in the afternoons. I read alot in miracle of forgiveness and in the book of Mosiah! I learned alot and I'm looking forward to using it everyday in my mission work! the Spanish is great and I love talking to people here!
Friday we have our Zone meeting with the APs so that will be really fun and I will learn some new things! plus the APs are like my best friends, so we will see how that goes. Today we are in Santiago for pday, it seems like last week we were here, but that was last transfer, besides when I got my toe ripped out. Speaking of that it is healing really good, I played basketball today for like 3 hours here in Santiago with elders of my group and it was really a great time, but i jammed my toe a couple times and it hurt. but ya then we went to the plaza, aka a mall that everyone eats at and ate with missionaries at Burger King! it was really good.
It sounds like you guys are good. dad comes home and mom is really excited for that haha,
that's awesome Grandma and Grandpa are coming down for Chelsie and Doug's baby blessing. that's really neat. OK i got the packages mom and wow!! i love them so much. All the food is gone already except the candy, still lots of it left and I love the fizzy candies so good! Im pretty sure that bug zapper is the coolest toy I have ever owned in my life! me and my comp make videos of us finding and killing bugs so we can see them blow up! honestly its the best thing and very addicting. I even killed a gecko, that one zapped many times haha. so thank you oh and i loved the shirts! and the leatherman. ha well.... ya i have fun with that too!
Well I hope all is going well with you guys, it was good to hear from you all this week. I'm excited to get your letters next week which cough cough I hit 14 months!!!! wow cool huh? ok i got to run.

love you all very much, love Elder Westergard
p.s. that mission drawing pictures thing is wicked awesome mom!

Wow how is my family? that was such a fast week and now I'm writing you guys again! My toe was pretty gross! but it has healed really good and today I played some good basketball on it! and it didn't hurt! so all is good, but I wont have like all my toenail for the rest of my life, so ya! my comp and I are doing great! we have found new people to teach and they are really cool! so lets see how that works out! Sylvia didn't get baptized cause her dad said no this and no that, so were trying to get his permission! I have had tons of personal experiences this last week as I started again to read the Miracle of Forgiveness! wow what a book! I challenge each of you to read that book because honestly.... i cant describe it, it will help you so much and it gives you a chance to increase your testimony of the Atonement! I'm so grateful for Jesus Christ and his sacrifice! I don't know where or what I would be doing without it! so please I challenge you all to read it and to fix the things that keep you from having the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost!
We had our interviews with the President yesterday and it was amazing! even though some things he has changed no one likes, I could just tell he was a man of called and this is the true church! then we talked about what could help me have more animo, and i told him another area haha cause i have to much time here. so ya he said OK and i will be leaving on transfer day. im super excited. i want to finish these last 10 months off super strong!
OK what is this i hear about jakelle getting....ok i cant spell that so make fun of me haha, pneumonia or something like that!! that's so scary! I'm so glad your ok sis! i almost started crying believe it or not! i don't know what i would do if a family member like...died while i was in the mission, so thanks for still being alive Jakelle haha sorry about the rain and that you couldn't cheer at the Mesa game!
Something else.... MESA beat WESTWOOD???????? i thought us beating MT. VIEW 3 times my senior year was a miracle, haha well think again, wow they must be pretty good! wait!! is Kyler the QB?? its his senior year and I know he was really good on JV. that's really cool good for them.
Ok i know you cant read this dad cause your fishing in Alaska??? thanks for asking me if i wanted to go haha. I know I can't but its the thought that counts! but ya here it is....TIGER!!! so ya remember when I told you his best game was yet to come??? ya that's what you told me is happening! wow I know Tiger better than himself haha. wheres Phil at?? oh he probably choked the last 2 holes again haha. ok sorry i got it out!
Well I cant think of anything else to write at the moment! but if I do I will let you know! have a wonderful week and i love you guys so much! be safe! and talk to you soon.

Love Elder Westergard.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jesse is doing really well, he had another trial happen, which is becoming very common for him, the poor kid. I posted some pictures of his ingrown toenail so if you have a weak stomach, you have been warned, they really aren't that bad.

Hi Everyone!!

Well family! as you can tell by the title of the letter, I have added another thing to the list of trials on this mission, which makes that like the 10th thing that has happened to me! I went in to Santiago to see Dr. Millet, he is the mission doctor, and he looked at my toe..... ya he was like were going to take that out right now! So turns out I had a really bad ingrown toenail, he said it was a hooker, I thought you might know what that meant dad since you have history with toenails. Do not worry I will be putting action packed photos and a video up on flickr so you can see what it was like haha. Everyone is calling me right now like saying, Westergard I heard man, I'm sorry haha its kind of funny! Dr. Millet stuck three big needles into my toe to numb it, it hurt so bad, but the funny thing is he did it in the mission home. He was like I think we should get that taken out, and I was like OK! I thought we would wait for a couple days and go to the hospital, but he was like OK get on the bed!! what!!!!!!! here!!! your crazy! haha I was freaking out, but it was cool. Sister Millet was there to talk to me, they are from Salt Lake and love eating at the Cheese Factory! they go home in three weeks.

Well today was very interesting!! so I was at the office visiting the Elders and other Elders from the mission, and there was an Elder Pachecho, he looked at my name and like stared at me for a while! I was like do you need help reading it haha, he was like dude do you have cousins in Virginia? I was like you mean Megan and Katie.... he was like dude!! sweet haha he knows them, he just got here in the field so it was kind of cool!

That's about it from me, the Haitian girl didn't get baptized we felt like she should wait a little longer so she is sure and knows the gospel for sure! oh ya!! Hermana Lee, Presidents wife, made me grilled pork and mashed potatoes and apple pie today!! It was amazing! and I played ping pong there to. I was in heaven! So don't know, there is a huge Huelga tomorrow and lots of people might die, (WHAT?) so i don't think we can leave the house. I'm not suppose to anyways cause i cant walk. so it will be really boring! (I looked up what Huelga was and it is some sort of Strike)

Well sounds like everything there is amazing, besides the hot weather and mosquito's! don't worry mom, you shouldn't feel bad, cause ill come home with like scars I get bit so much everyday, even with repellent. There are so many all the time, at least yours will go away soon. I got 10.5 months left of it! everyday and hotness haha. Great job on the cheering Jakelle, I'm proud of you! haha I told you at least you will do good, I know Hamilton and I know the coaches at Brimhall haha lets just leave it at that, except we were city champs in track! oh ya!! dad I'm so jealous your going fishing in Alaska! that sounds really cool! and also I'm super jealous about labor day golf I missed at my favorite course! Las Sendas! so remember Shelby? her dad lives there and I totally asked it I can get discounts for that, she was like yep! so I got hookups dad we can get on for member price! I'm really sorry Josh for your knee, that stinks man! I hope everything will be good in the MRI. I'm praying for you, and everyone pray for my toe, I got a basketball activity with the zone next week, and the Dr. said I can play if I take care of it the first 3 days! so ya haha.

Well that's about it, I should get started on the pictures and stuff. I love you all so much! have a great week!
Love Elder Westergard
(Did anybody else count how many times he said the work LIKE to explain things?? I did, I got to about 12, haha love you Jesse!!!)

Me with Elder Robertson

Elder Robertson, Me, Elder Powell

Look at that sandal tan line



The hooker, aka the toe nail

Im sure he soaking up all the attention that he is getting, I would!

Especially a nap!!!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Jesse has been sending me some video's he has down loaded, does anyone know how I get those onto his blog??? please leave me a comment if you do.

Platano Field, these Mtns. remind me of Wyoming

Well its probably really early there in Arizona, I'm sorry! but I'm in Navarrete until Elder Powell's comp gets here from Santiago. So ya me and Elder Tarver stayed the same, which is cool, but I'm really bummed I was not a trainer. I was looking forward to it for like 2 transfers but guess I'm suppose to be with my comp again ya know but its kind of getting to how I was in the plat, my animo is going down, its my 4th transfer here haha and that's to long. Think about it, this is my 9th transfer, I have 2 areas, and 4 comps, and I'm at 13 months! its crazy but I guess I got to deal with it and keep working hard! right?? Well the good news is that remember my really good friend Elder Robertson who lived with me in the plat? he is Elder Powell's new comp! and I'm his District Leader!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you don't know how good it feels to have my best friend back! it makes things so much easier, and we like eat lunch together every day with the other missionaries so it will be really fun!

The work here is pretty good! well considering the fact we work with the inactives a whole lot! so ya know, dad is probably like, ya i know! so we do alot of 1st lessons to get their memories back and how that message changed their lives! We like to talk about their baptisms and the spirit they felt and stuff like that and then we ask for references, if they have any. We have a few new people we are teaching now, they are pretty cool, but its to early to tell! so we will see how they go. Oh and if everything goes good we will have a baptism this week, a Haitian girl shes like 11. her mom in inactive, so hope it turns out!

Sounds like everything there is going great! oh and I wish I could have heard the Ashby's speak! I bet that was wonderful! mom I loved that story by Sister Ashby, its so true! the little things pile up, so we always need to be studying, praying, and being obedient! wow so Jakelle has her first cheer game huh? good luck with that sis! I'm sure you will do great! your playing Hamilton??? well at least you will do good haha ill just leave it at that! I still remember that game at Hamilton when we came back in the last minute and 6 seconds to beat them when we were down by like 13 points! man I loved Aaron Fuller that day haha and Devon's steal at half court!
So Josh how is school? is it cool, boring or awesome! when do you get out every day? so what are you studying, or majoring and whats your classes! let me know. Hey Jakelle, who are your teachers?? I know LJ is one so tell him hi for me and that I'm not a girl! and i have common sense ok? haha well then he will probably just make fun of me even more haha. love that man.

Can you believe its September already? I cant! I remember it was like 3 weeks ago I turned 20 in May.....wow! we get to talk in almost 3 months! I know moms saying... yes I know! haha and I cant believe its my 9th transfer. I only have 7 more.....weird!
Well sorry this is a short letter, cant think of anything else to write at the moment, you guys can still write me and ask stuff cause ill be on later when I'm back at esperanza aka hope! cause Elder Robertson will be using it, and all 4 of us will just be hanging out today! so take care and I love you all so much! bye!

Elder Westergard

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jesse has always loved the spirit days at school or any type of excuse to get all decked out in head bands, socks colorful clothes, and as you will see in some of these p-day pictures, he still does. You look awesome Elder Jesse!

Me and my Zone Leader Marte

Sweet Sword I bought for 145 pesos (5 bucks)

Jesse always loved the outfits, especially long socks!

Ouch, sliding into 3rd base!

Esperanza 4 numero 2

On the way to the field!

Hey family! I don't know how time always flies by so fast, and here I am again writing you guys! The only thing that was really eventful was Zone Conference, cause we had tons of meetings and stuff. Elder Coleman came to speak and I have never seen anyone so flecha! (strict) but it was good the mission needs it! We talked about the structure of the church and then the mission, so we learned why we have missionaries and stuff. There are three main points, to find, to teach, and to baptize, that's why we have missionaries and that's why I am here. I love the work, its so awesome! it was really fun to talk with all my friends and hang out after and eat food! There was alot of catching up to do with the kids in my group! We all had a great time and shared some laughs together, but other than that it was a really slow week for me to mom! haha. I'm trying to think of what I did but I just cant think of it, time goes by so fast. We had a really good family night at a members house, me and my comp talked about the importance of the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon! so it was great!
Today in the morning we played softball again and man I couldn't do anything except run down balls in center field like always but I was like 4-9 today at batting. It was ugly haha but we had a really good time. Later I think I'm going to take a nice shower and sleep cause i dont feel very good, so i got to lay down, maybe eat some comida china (chinese food), pechurina con papas fritas! (fries, I think) YUMMY!
Enough about me, it sounds like you guys are really good. School is in session, I love the beginning of school and the end, haha but not the middle, actually I loved school cause I was actually doing something, ya know! like the mission, a set schedule with stuff, it feels good. Sounds like the ward camp out was a success after the storm flew by. I miss all the people of the ward, how are they doing? I hope really good. it would be cool to get letters from them and stuff. ya your right Dad, i wouldn't fish in the lake either, not my style, but only if Matt was there with me I would do it, wow I miss him so much. I still remember Brother Postert would see me without Matt and would be like, hey wheres your boyfriend, or friends meaning Landon and Malcom. haha cant wait for the group to be back together.
Wow Jared and Lexi, congrats on the 3 years again, sounds like you had an amazing time. I will have to look at the pics of New York. I love it there! not more than here though, but its awesome.
Well I should probably tell you that transfers are next week, not this week sorry for confusion. I thought I said next week. I'm pretty sure I'm getting a kid and Elder Castillo, in my group in the other area, is getting a kid, so we will see. If i do, President will call me Friday night, it might be Brody Bearhman you never know but we will see. I kind of want to leave this area though, like whitewash an area with a kid or something cause since Elder Spragg and his group of 37 missionaries went home, there are still like 8 areas closed but now there are 16 Americans coming in next week. so ya....
OK family i got to go! I love you so much! you guys are the best, we get to talk in four months from today, so woo hoo. Oh and Dad, I loved your football things, they were so awesome and it made me laugh cause its so true! OK bye family.

Love Elder Westergard.

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