If you serve a mission faithfully and well, you will be a better husband, you will be a better father, you will be a better student, a better worker in your chosen vocation. Love is of the essence of this missionary work. Selflessness is of its very nature. Self-discipline is its requirement. Prayer opens its reservoir of power. ~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Enjoying my new shirt!

Snacking and cleaning my shoes.

Elder Castillo and Me

Nearer my God to Thee.

Case for the Missionaries here in the Navarrete Zone. (I think)

Early morning study.

Elder Castillo Praying


Hey everyone! its great to hear you all had great week! I know my week was super! but today we didn't do anything haha, no one was doing anything foe pday! how weird! but ya other than that it was really good! We had a zone meeting on Friday with the APs and it ws very spiritual. I learned alot especially about the Atonement!

On Monday I gave my capacitation at district meeting with the zone leaders on nuestro objectivo como misionero! it was really good and we all learned so much from it, then rigth after that I went on an intercambio with Elder Castillo, the ZL who was here last transfer with Elder Powell in my district. It was so much fun, we went to naverrete and a barrio called falpo and the group that starts all the huelgas in this country is called falpo. I asked him if there was a connection to that, he told me...ya some of them live around here haha, but he told me it was a tranquilo area. We taught some amazing lessons and the spirit was very strong, I love teaching with Elder Castillo, hes a great teacher and has taught me alot, here in my district and as ZL. His companion will get a kid next transfer so Castillo is really hoping President puts me up with him as ZL. haha that would be scary but I love that kid and were great friends.

Oh when we were leaving the house that day to teach, I walked to the door to kneel down and pray and he was like no, over here! I looked and he is kneeled on the table haha I was like your joking right?? he was like hey man were closer to the heavens. It was pretty funny. I couldn't believe it today when I thought I had 14 months.......what??? weird I just started loving my mission and there making me go home in 10 months....dang. Castillo brought it up Monday and we were in the street and the grey hound bus company caribe tours passed by and he held his 10 fingers to it and was like, home! haha then I said hey look, I saw a plane and put my 10 fingers in the sky and was like, home! haha we had a good laugh.

Then we had a family night with a family that was so awesome. Familia Ruud, I think thats how you spell it, they made their little boy of 8 years old dirigir the lesson and it was so funny haha. His name is Louisito, he spent the whole night trying to say my name. and all the family could come up with was wester..... haha. they had a new bible and I was looking through it and man its so awesome, we all get one at Zone Conference on Friday, so im super excited.
So spanish is coming great. I understand about everything, here and there are words ill look up, but its all good, yesterday I watched the Joseph Smith prophet of the restoration in spanish and understood it like English, so it really feels good to know the language. I don't even read preach my gospel anymore in English, I actually dont remember the last time I did.

My good buddy Elder Friend in San Francisco called the other night and told me about how in 2 transfers my group will be the largest in the mission. I freaked and told him to not tell me that haha its just to weird. Can you believe one year ago tomorrow I was put in Puerto Plata with my dad? thats 1 year ago and look at me, im only in my second area with my 4th comp. ha ya I think I might only get about 4 areas in 10 more months.

Im glad that Chelsie and Dougs baby is great and got blessed and Beyleigh is the center of attention there huh?? haha ya we have alot in common, many times the missionaries just all end up watching me and the unusual dumb without commen sense things I do, you guys know what im talking about, and laugh there heads off. I dont know why though haha.

So dad...its that time...have you thought about what im going to say yet...are you nervous... haha ok TIGER WON!!! even when Phil wins he loses how does that work? Man he should just give up, Tiger doesn't need to win everyone already knows hes the best so they gave him the trophy anyways. Sorry but I had to brag. I cant believe ASU lost to Georgia again. ahhh they were so close. oh well next year. I hope I get invited by President Killian even though Matthew won't be there.

Wow this is a long letter, sorry everyone, but i cant think of anything else to say. oh!! the question...ok mom. :the most fun i have ever had on a pday" was when I went to play dorada with Elder Robertson and played golf, ate at Pizza Hut, then sat at the beach. It was a great day! ok i love you all. till next week aka Jakelle and Grandmas birthday!

Love Elder Westergard.
ps.... the church is true!

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