If you serve a mission faithfully and well, you will be a better husband, you will be a better father, you will be a better student, a better worker in your chosen vocation. Love is of the essence of this missionary work. Selflessness is of its very nature. Self-discipline is its requirement. Prayer opens its reservoir of power. ~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wow i cant believe its been a week already since i have been here! it has gone so fast! the good news is that i have a great comp and my animo is now back way up! we have 2 baptisms on Saturday, one next week, and one the week after! were trying to baptize every week this transfer and i think we can do it! Elder Doncel is a very funny guy! always talking about Mexico and how he is going to take me to Cancun when we are both home! haha its cool. He does not know very much English but he knows the simple phrases, like whats up man, whats your problem, and he always says, were going to party like its 1999. haha he is super funny. Being with him makes me feel like i am really good at Spanish, because he talks so clear, no mumbling like Dominicans and I'm learning so much! he tells me my Spanish is good, so ya! its all good!

On Thursday we had a lesson with a lady and we watched the Restoration video! it was super powerful and right after i bore my testimony we put a date with her! it was so awesome and the spirit was super strong! on Sunday we had 7 investigators at church! it was a good turnout. We taught about 33 lessons this week to! So me and Elder Doncel are working and on fire! I'm so bummed that I'm going home soon because it feels so close and i want to keep working, so i don't know.

Monday night and all day Tuesday and this morning we were not aloud to leave our houses because there was a huelga!! it was crazy, so Elder Frazier and Elder Nuñez come over that whole time because our house is safer, we live in a 3rd story apartment, so we like slept, ate and watched church movies all day! it was pretty relaxing and a good break. But this morning we finally left and went to play basketball with the zone. Elder Berhman and Elder Frazier were there(Arizona boys) and it was so fun! so like Elder Frazier and i have become very good friends, turns out he lived next to the Ashby's his first 10 years then moved to Higley and baseline but all the friends he has i know! its so weird so we have become close friends and plan to do lots of stuff after the mission.

Oh i forgot, during the huelga the people were like burning tires in the roads, throwing garbage everywhere, gunshots going off! it was crazy! smoke like filled the house!
Well i cant think of much more to say! i love you guys and mom and dad have fun in New York! oh and Jared, your birthday is my 15 month mark! love you!

Elder Westergard

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