If you serve a mission faithfully and well, you will be a better husband, you will be a better father, you will be a better student, a better worker in your chosen vocation. Love is of the essence of this missionary work. Selflessness is of its very nature. Self-discipline is its requirement. Prayer opens its reservoir of power. ~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Well mom i will correct you on what you said about my wrist and the boys beeting me, you and i both know that that is impossible right? me losing to the boys in golf? thats like saying michael jordan will lose to a 15 year old one on one! by the way, dad, Phil Mickelson will never receive 3 million dollars just to show up to a golf tournament, i think you just need to face the facts now, Tiger is the best! wow Josh that stinks so bad that your knee is all messed up! que vas a hacer por 6 meses? jaja tu vas a ver mucho juegos de balancesto y tiger woods verdad? oh y tienes que beber mucho dr. pepper y recordar que tu hermano en la republica dominicana tiene que beber coca cola....hmmmmm. no hay aqui, pero en puerto plata si hay Dr. Pepper y mt. dew! bueno buenas suerte y estas en mis oraciones. te quiero! sorry mom and dad and jakelle and lexi, you guys dont know spanish, ask Jared or Josh what that meant, but i cant believe the Suns are in 1st place! thats insane, im jealous you guys get to see them good this year.

Here everything is going good! this is my last pday in this area and i will know where im going on Monday, about everyone in the zone is like 98 percent convinced ill be the next zone leader, plus president told me in my interview i was going up next transfer and the zone leader right now is going home next week. soooooo ill let you know on Wednesday ok?? so dad your teaching an inactive and there having trouble with tithing....well something i like to do is teach by examples. like ill say, ok you have 100 pesos(think of dollars for your situation) and tithing is 10%, so you should pay 10 dollars. sure 10 dollars is alot but look at how much you got left, 90!! so if they look at it that way it could be alot easier. like someone who has 1million pays 100,000 but still has 900,000. so really it helps with me and the people here. and then you just tell them experiences you have had or heard of. so i dont know you can try and talk about that.

We have a baptism on Saturday and im super stoked for that, baptism on my last week here. so that will be fun. Well the big news of the week is that Elder Russel M. Ballard was here in the Dominican Republic to have a fireside with all the Caribbean, so we got together as a steak and all the missionaries here and watched this fireside. there was talks from the area presidency in spanish and last Elder Ballard talked! but i was so glad he did it in english! he said it first and then someone said it in spanish after! i will tell you right now that i have never heard a more powerful talk in my whole life! he talked about how we have the rights to know what we should know through revelation. it was amazing! he shared about 7 stories of pure revelation that would make the hairs on your back stand up! i want to share one of them with you....

Elder Ballard was going down to Chile to sperate a steak into 2 steaks. so he got there and met with the Stake President and said, ok President where are all the other people i am to interview?? the President only brought 3 people with him he thought could be the new President. and Elder Ballard said you didnt get my letter?? i wanted all of the Bishops here, counselors, high councel, of all the steaks. you call them now and tell them to get here so i can interview them! by the time they all got there it was late so they didnt do all the interviews, all but 2! so they had to do them the next morning before church where they were going to anounce the president, but Elder Ballard had not recieved a answer yet. so in the morning one hour and a half before church started, the first of the two came in and they shook hands. Elder Ballard instantly said, do i know you?? the man said we shook hands last year at general conference. Elder Ballard thought, i shook thousands of hands last year, but he sticks out to me?? Elder Ballard went on to call him as President and then told him im really sorry but now you have to think of your bishops and counselors and high priests in an hour and a half, the man looked at him and pulled out a peice of paper, he said Elder Ballard last night i received witness that i would be called as president and i knew the people that would be called as leaders to, these are all the names! WOW!!!! so can you believe that story or what?? talk about revelation, i cant tell you how much my testimony grew because of that story. After Elder Ballard said jokingly, father why didnt you just let me know you had something in mind so i didnt have to worry about all that haha.

Well thats about it from here, i cant believe that thanks giving is next Thursday, the day after transfers. it seems like last month i was in Puerto Plata with 3 months in the mission playing football on the beach with my trainer... that was a year ago! well time seems to go by faster as the more time i get here, its weird that in january ill complete a sister mission. haha. well i love you all so very much! your in my prayers and i hope im in yours, especially if im ZL and will be doing lots of work. bye! love elder westergard

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