If you serve a mission faithfully and well, you will be a better husband, you will be a better father, you will be a better student, a better worker in your chosen vocation. Love is of the essence of this missionary work. Selflessness is of its very nature. Self-discipline is its requirement. Prayer opens its reservoir of power. ~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Jesse is doing really well, he had another trial happen, which is becoming very common for him, the poor kid. I posted some pictures of his ingrown toenail so if you have a weak stomach, you have been warned, they really aren't that bad.

Hi Everyone!!

Well family! as you can tell by the title of the letter, I have added another thing to the list of trials on this mission, which makes that like the 10th thing that has happened to me! I went in to Santiago to see Dr. Millet, he is the mission doctor, and he looked at my toe..... ya he was like were going to take that out right now! So turns out I had a really bad ingrown toenail, he said it was a hooker, I thought you might know what that meant dad since you have history with toenails. Do not worry I will be putting action packed photos and a video up on flickr so you can see what it was like haha. Everyone is calling me right now like saying, Westergard I heard man, I'm sorry haha its kind of funny! Dr. Millet stuck three big needles into my toe to numb it, it hurt so bad, but the funny thing is he did it in the mission home. He was like I think we should get that taken out, and I was like OK! I thought we would wait for a couple days and go to the hospital, but he was like OK get on the bed!! what!!!!!!! here!!! your crazy! haha I was freaking out, but it was cool. Sister Millet was there to talk to me, they are from Salt Lake and love eating at the Cheese Factory! they go home in three weeks.

Well today was very interesting!! so I was at the office visiting the Elders and other Elders from the mission, and there was an Elder Pachecho, he looked at my name and like stared at me for a while! I was like do you need help reading it haha, he was like dude do you have cousins in Virginia? I was like you mean Megan and Katie.... he was like dude!! sweet haha he knows them, he just got here in the field so it was kind of cool!

That's about it from me, the Haitian girl didn't get baptized we felt like she should wait a little longer so she is sure and knows the gospel for sure! oh ya!! Hermana Lee, Presidents wife, made me grilled pork and mashed potatoes and apple pie today!! It was amazing! and I played ping pong there to. I was in heaven! So don't know, there is a huge Huelga tomorrow and lots of people might die, (WHAT?) so i don't think we can leave the house. I'm not suppose to anyways cause i cant walk. so it will be really boring! (I looked up what Huelga was and it is some sort of Strike)

Well sounds like everything there is amazing, besides the hot weather and mosquito's! don't worry mom, you shouldn't feel bad, cause ill come home with like scars I get bit so much everyday, even with repellent. There are so many all the time, at least yours will go away soon. I got 10.5 months left of it! everyday and hotness haha. Great job on the cheering Jakelle, I'm proud of you! haha I told you at least you will do good, I know Hamilton and I know the coaches at Brimhall haha lets just leave it at that, except we were city champs in track! oh ya!! dad I'm so jealous your going fishing in Alaska! that sounds really cool! and also I'm super jealous about labor day golf I missed at my favorite course! Las Sendas! so remember Shelby? her dad lives there and I totally asked it I can get discounts for that, she was like yep! so I got hookups dad we can get on for member price! I'm really sorry Josh for your knee, that stinks man! I hope everything will be good in the MRI. I'm praying for you, and everyone pray for my toe, I got a basketball activity with the zone next week, and the Dr. said I can play if I take care of it the first 3 days! so ya haha.

Well that's about it, I should get started on the pictures and stuff. I love you all so much! have a great week!
Love Elder Westergard
(Did anybody else count how many times he said the work LIKE to explain things?? I did, I got to about 12, haha love you Jesse!!!)

Me with Elder Robertson

Elder Robertson, Me, Elder Powell

Look at that sandal tan line



The hooker, aka the toe nail

Im sure he soaking up all the attention that he is getting, I would!

Especially a nap!!!

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