If you serve a mission faithfully and well, you will be a better husband, you will be a better father, you will be a better student, a better worker in your chosen vocation. Love is of the essence of this missionary work. Selflessness is of its very nature. Self-discipline is its requirement. Prayer opens its reservoir of power. ~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June 9, 2010

Hey family!! its been a great week! honestly we had the greatest conference. we learned about how to receive your own personal revelation. it was great....i saw the group in front of me give their dying testimonies and it was really spiritual...then after the conference it hit me once everyone started saying...Westergard your next, i don't think I'm ready for that yet...it just feels like I'm done now that I'm the oldest missionary but i heard something that an Elder said that hit me hard and made me want to try hard this last 4 minutes of the 4th quarter of Mt View haha and it was...we have 2 years to serve a mission, and all of eternity to think about it....wow!! i want to remember how i finished forever and strong. so it was very good conference for me!
This week we found even more investigators and its starting to turn around. 2 older girls stopped us and said, i took lessons for 2 years but never got baptized, come by my house i want to learn more! so that was awesome, and we will go by there some time this week. Me and my comp had some weird experience. We were walking past that American house i posted and the guy like called us in, he's Dominican but was raised in the states and he starts talking to us about who knows what and like million of topics like how some guy in New Jersey gave pills to his mom and killed her, his wife's a drug addict in the states, some dangerous kids, the USA embassy and a whole bunch of stuff. When we left we just laughed and said that was the weirdest thing that has happened to me. haha so it was pretty good.

Today we played basketball and wow i was rusty the first game, then i got my shot back and nailed some threes in a row to win some games. elder nelson was a beast down low! he is my godson in the mission haha he wanted me to say something about him, hes sitting next to me. but ya it was a really good day, i got a little sunburned.

well sounds like all of you are doing good, except for Jakelle being sick in girls camp, way to stick through it Kell. I wish i could go sleep in Matt's cabin haha maybe ill go with him when he gets back. So dad i was thinking that we should do the 1 day in Santiago, 4 in the plat, and last in Santiago, that would be perfect! i think its a good idea to get those shots, the only other thing i can think of not to do is eat fish when you get here...that's all. so dad give me further info on how we will get to the plat, and how your getting to the hotel from the airport, a car or what...
Well family i hope you guys have a great week, never stop doing what is right, read the scriptures and the conference talks. I know the church is true, in the name of Jesus Christ amen! love elder Jesse Westergard

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