If you serve a mission faithfully and well, you will be a better husband, you will be a better father, you will be a better student, a better worker in your chosen vocation. Love is of the essence of this missionary work. Selflessness is of its very nature. Self-discipline is its requirement. Prayer opens its reservoir of power. ~ Gordon B. Hinckley

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Family Members of Both Baptisms

Flor and Me

My wonderful new tie!!!

Albany and Me

Elder Fuch's and my Sweet tie.

Elder Fuch's and Me

Wow I'm so happy that i am still here and did not leave!!! i got a missionary that was already in my zone, Elder Miranda, he's Dominican and is really cool. He loves basketball and is really good to, were going to play together tonight at the activity and not lose haha, waste everyone! this is his 4th transfer and hes excited to work, so lets pray its a good 6 weeks and not like.....well you know.

So ya like you know I'm really excited that I'm here for these 3 baptisms we have this Saturday, it seems like I'm baptizing the whole world here haha, i have been here 3 months and this is numbers 7,8, and 9 in this city. crazy huh?? so I'm so excited and pumped to work this transfer.
Well our 2 baptisms went down last week, Albany and Flor got baptized, it was really sweet and a great spiritual experience. I love seeing people coming into the church, i cant ever explain to them the love i feel for them. I wore a brand new tie to the baptism that you will see a picture of and it will only go on the days of baptisms, cause i want it for when i go home on my homecoming, mom you will love it!!

Oh ya, haha so i like pulled a muscle or tendon or something important in the shin and foot playing kickball after the baptism haha, it hurts so bad to walk, but you know, pain to me is nothing anymore haha, just thought you should know haha.

Not much else has been going on this week, just good work! but it sounds like all of you guys are doing good, well besides Josh and his surgery. Don't worry bro, your in my prayers love you! ok!!! Jakelle what did i tell you??? your a Westergard, its like expected from you since birth to be good at what you like, and not only did you make cheer, but VARSITY!! and advanced dance! way to go sis, i cant say i taught you that stuff haha but your carrying on the Mesa High varsity spirit me and your other bros. had! hey definitely we will talk Spanish when i get home, if you want you can write me to in Spanish, you know to practice.

I hope you all had a good Valentines Day, i kind of forgot about it cause it was just like another day here of work, but i hope you guys got good things, Josh got a valentine yet?? mom i got the newsletter thank you so much, it was very good! all of us friends are getting so old.....well me and Tate are haha everyone else has like a year, but they are getting there.

Sorry my letter is really short but nothing to exciting, except the baptisms, went on. I hope you all have a fun week watching the Olympics and almost march madness and stuff like that i miss. Hey what went down with the all star game? how did Nash and Stat do? well i love you all and your in my prayers. cuidense mucho, adios!

Elder Jesse Westergard

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